Why is the selfie stick so controversial

The selfie stick is a very recent phenomenon but it looks like one that is here to stay. Month on month they seem to becoming more and more popular and there seems to be quite a divide in what people think of them. Some people seem to bring them everywhere but strangely enough they seem to really annoy other people.

After starting in Asia the selfie stick seemed to swamp Western tourist spots such as times square, London bridge and we have even seen a big upsurge in Dublin, Ireland. What this upsurge in selfie sticks means is that people are taking more pictures of themselves and less actually of the thing they should be taking a picture of. To put it simple they are encouraging selfies in tourist hotspots.

Nick named the “narcisstick” many people claim that the selfie stick takes the fun out of selfies. Although walking around with a fold up stick my sicken some people they are shown to take great pictures and lets be honest they would not be this popular if they weren’t actually quite good. Even celebrities are taking to the selfie sticks with Beyonce using them in one of her videos.

I guess it is only sociably acceptable to use selfie sticks in certain situations and that is why it can grind peoples gears. Using it in the office is obviously a bit no no but using say at a house party, people don’t seem to have a problem with. They are also amazing for taking pictures if traveling especially on your own.

View Glastonbury Through Your Android TV Box

I just heard that Glastonbury festival is going to be streamed on BBC via their app which is available on the android tv box. I think I am actually going to take that weekend off of any usual plans and sit down and watch the whole concert unfold before me. I find it hard to watch it sometimes because I want to be there so much but have never gotten further than watching it on the TV.

A few of my friends are making the trip over this year. It was really hard to get tickets by all accounts by they were living in London when they managed to get them. Oh and for those of you who weren’t successful in getting tickets like myself I suggest you pick up an android TV box. They are basically like having a tablet in a box that hooks up to your TV via HDMI. They allow you to download apps and watch movies and you can stream the whole Glastonbury concert on them!

The line up this year for Glastonbury is absolutely ridiculously good. I actually think if I went I wouldn’t even drink as there are so many good acts I would like to go to and remember. From all the biggest electronic artists to the best bands in the world..everyone is going to be there! They always get the best bands as it is the pinnacle in most bands careers to play at Glastonbury so I am sure there is more to it than just paying the bands. I can’t wait!


Our new range of posters coming soon! (We used compatible printer ink!)

So it is almost the start of May and the first round of festivals is nearly upon us! The first round of festivals coming up are Life and forbidden fruit which are on the same weekend which is the bank holiday weekend in June. We plan to be there to sell a new range of music posters than we have printed ourselves. They will only be selling for 1 euro to cover our costs so we are not trying to make a profit or anything.

We done our best to keep it on a budget and we even used our own printers and printer ink to keep things as cheap as possible. In saying that we think they turned out as good as we hoped even with the compatible inks we got :).

So if you happen to be at either of these festivals this summer keep an eye out for us and say hello and pick up a posted if you can..they are only 1 euro after all!

Food At This Years Festivals

Our pet peeve very year is the quality of food at festivals. Some obviously are better than others but as a whole it’s either a greasy burger and a box of chips several times in one weekend or a hotdog or in my case just do my best to fast for the weekend!

fish and chipsThe next big festival I have planned is body and soul and I can’t wait but I do dread the food at camping festivals. I have never been to body and soul and I have heard great things but I am just talking about the general trend of food at festivals. This year I am going to pack some sandwiches and a range of other half healthy foods in a bid to not feel like death for the week after..even if I do drink for 3 nights straight.

I was actually talking to once of the guys who came over from the UK last year and he runs an online store selling the tefal actifry but he also has a chip van and comes over twice a year to Ireland as he sells slightly better quality foods such as paninis and wraps and he does very well so there is a demand there for slightly better foods.

I think festivals just think that because people are partying for a few days that what’s the point in having excellent food and they are right to a degree but there should be more options. Although maybe we should start looking at the toilet situations before we worry about the food!

Selfie Sticks banned at Coachella!

It is reported that flag ship festivals Coachella and Lollapalooza have banned the famous selfie stick from their upcoming festivals this year. It appears they have outlawed all form of monopods and selfie sticks to put a stop to recordings of live performances that are against the wills of the artists and promoters.

selfie sticks bannedThe selfie stick ban will likely be hard to enforce as they can fit easily in a bag or pocket as well as being disguised as flags and camping equipment. Although these two leaders in the festival world have banned the selfie sticks there is no sign that other festivals are following their lead. Glastonbury and other large festivals around the world have not taken a stance on this issue yet but we expect to hear something either way soon.

Earlier in the year many football clubs banned the famous selfie stick for fear that it can be used as a weapon. This is understandable considering footballs history but then again pretty much anything can be used as a weapon in the wrong hands. Many concert venues around the UK have also banned the selfie stick and reserve the right to refuse entry upon detection of a selfie stick.

Museums and other historic sites have also ran into the problem of too many selfie sticks gracing their halls. Many of Europes top destinations have also banned selfie sticks but again we fail to see how this will be enforced fully.

Hear at nacd we love the selfie stick but we can understand how it can become a nuisance for many venues but hope that they are not banned at every festival as that would be a bummer all round.



Electric Picnic – A look back at 2014

As the summer draws closer we begin to look forward to a whole host of festivals that stretch from May all the way through to September this year and we are certainly not short of choice this summer. But there is always one festival that leads the way when it comes to line up, size, setup and over all good times and that is electric picnic.


We got free tickets at the last minute for electric picnic 2014 and it was the best festival I have been to although I did miss the Friday night due to a wedding but we won’t go there! I had a look back at some of the pictures from last years electric picnic and I forgot just how good a time I had at it.


The headliners last year were Chic who I saw on the Saturday night at the main stage and then clean bandit played on the sunday night. Annie Mac stole the show in the dance tent and the Pet shop boys also headlined although I personally missed them but I heard they were great (as alaways).


Anyway the official EP site threw up a highlights video of last year and it got me really excited about this year although there is a few other festivals I will probably hit before EP it is always the main weekend of the summer. Check out the video below and we hope to see everyone at EP this year :).